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Premier 65kg Two Kite Dropper Rig
The Premier 65kg Two Kite Dropper Rig is the top of the line for fishing marginal wind conditions, strong rips and currents, high surf and tricky areas.

This kite fishing rig is supplied with both the Nighthawk Kite and the Super Kite!

This rig provides maximum power for both the east coast or the west.

Easily fish up to 20 hooks 1000 metres offshore, cast out other lines, troll, set floating baits or dhan lines. An extremely versatile rig!

Unaffected by high surf or strong rips, this rig is very easy to use and extremely productive.
Photo Right: Peggy Barnes (left) and Trish Rea with a few of the snapper taken on a 65kg Two Kite Dropper Rig.

This rig has unbeatable performance on the west coast because the line is supported well clear of the rip and sharks.

This also makes the two kite dropper rig ideal for fishing near snags as there is almost no chance of snagging the mainline or losing a kite as long as the rig is used within the wind range of the kites.

This rig will fish in light breezes from around 7 knots right right through to gale force storms of over 50 knots wind speed
The Premier 65kg Two Kite Dropper Rig Has These Advantages
* The extra kite supplied with this rig allows you to ensure the mainline is supported clear of the water for maximum rig safety and efficiency.

* Great if you're unsure what the bottom type is like - minimize your risk of gear loss with this rig.
This Rig Includes
* 1 x Nighthawk Kite
* 1 x Super Kite
* 4 x Spare Tawa Dowel
* 1 x Tacking Rope
* 2 x Safety Floats
* 1 x PVC Kite Carry Case
* 1 x Standard 3:1 Ratio Geared Reel
* 1 x Galvanised Reel Post
* 1000 x mtrs 65kg Mainline/Kiteline
* 1 x Large Trace Rack
* 26 x Complete Pre-tied Traces
* 1 x 8oz weight
* 2 x 4oz weights
* 1 x 10 inch Handspool Furnished with:
* 80 x metres 65kg Dropper Line
* 1 x Pre-tied Kite Flag & Bottle Cord
* 30 x metres 65kg Leader Line
* 1 x Safety Trace
* 2 x 10 Hook Pre-stoppered Sections

* 1 x 10 inch Handspool Furnished with:
* 50 x metres 65kg Kiteline
Buy Online Premier 65kg Two Kite Dropper Rig
Price: $ 690.00 - Quantity:
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