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Premier Flexiwing Dropper Rig With Skyhook
This is the ultimate medium sized kite fishing kit!

Because this dropper rig includes the Flexiwing Skyhook it can be fished in lighter winds and the kites can be tacked further to achieve a fishable angle even when the winds are not straight offshore.
Highly productive on the west coast and easily fished on the east coast.

A small compact and light weight rig which can easily be used single handed.

Supplied ready to fish clear sandy beaches, but can also be adapted to cast out other lines, troll, target midwater species or fish dhan lines or ledger rigs.

Photo: Another Muriwai Beach catch taken on a 10 hook set 800 metres offshore baited with fresh mullet.

Muriwai Beach fishes well year round.
The Premier Flexiwing Dropper Rig With Skyhook Has These Advantages
* Powerful in light winds

* Manageable in gale force winds

* Achieve tacking angles up to 70 degrees off the wind
This Rig Includes
* 1 x Flexiwing Kite
* 1 x Pre-tied Dacron Bridle
* 1 x Drogue
* 1 x Flexiwing Skyhook
* 1 x Standard 3:1 Ratio Geared Reel
* 1 x Galvanised Reel Post
* 1000 x mtrs 31kg mainline/kiteline
* 1 x 10 inch Handspool Furnished with:
* 50 x metres 31kg Dropper Line
* 1 x Pre-tied Kite Flag & Bottle Cord
* 30 x 31kg Leader Line
* 1 x Safety Trace
* 2 x 5 Hook Pre-stoppered Sections
* 1 x Small Trace Rack
* 12 x Complete Pre-tied Traces
* 1 x 4oz weight
* 2 x 2oz weights
* Full Fishing and Rigging Instructions
Buy Online Premier Flexiwing Dropper Rig With Skyhook
Price: $ 430.00 - Quantity:
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