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Kite Drogue Only
Drogues are more effective at stabilizing kites than conventional kite tails. Ours are made from lightweight sail cloth and dacron stays. The Kite Drogue is like a wind sock and is ideal for stabilising Pocket Sled Kites and Flexiwing Kites.

In strong winds or adverse conditions, two or more drogues can be used in conjunction to further increase your kite stability.

Simply make a chain of drogues by passing the clip on the end of the extra drogue through the centre of the last drogue attached and attach the coastlock clip on to a temporary loop formed just above the drogue.

Note: This product does not include the bridle for attaching to a Flexiwing Kite.
This Rig Includes
* 1 x Kite Drogue
Buy Online Kite Drogue Only
Price: $ 12.00 - Quantity:
Products designed to enhance the efficiency of your Kite Drogue Only

1001 - Small Pocket Sled Kite - 39.00
1002 - Two Fishing Kite Pocket Sled Pack - 75.00
1003 - Flexiwing Kite - 110.00
1022 - Kite Fishing Flag on Light Cord - 18.00
1122 - Dacron Bridle and Drogue - 13.50
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