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1100m Top of the Line Two Kite Multi Rig
Fish this rig either as an extremely productive 25 hook bottom longline fishing system on the clear sandy beaches of the east coast, or as an effective and versatile 20 hook dropper rig on the west coast
CODE: 1135 Price: $ 790.00 Quantity:
Kayak Longline
Our kayak longline has been specifically designed for setting single handed from your kayak
CODE: 1138 Price: $ 160.00 Quantity:
Large PVC Kite Carry Case
A stylish PVC tube for storing and carrying kites which is light-weight and very portable
CODE: 1143 Price: $ 69.00 Quantity:
Small PVC Kite Carry Case
The kite carry case offers complete safety and protection for your kites, safety floats and spare rods or dowel which are stored neatly inside
CODE: 1144 Price: $ 59.00 Quantity:
Floating Beads 20mm Pack of 25
These fluro beads are 20mm in diameter and have been given the float test for bait sizes. A single bead on a trace will float an average size bait.
CODE: 1146 Price: $ 20.00 Quantity:
Nylon Pre-stoppered Hook Section 2 x 3
Two complete 3 hook pre-stoppered hook sections ready to use with any 8 to 15kg Pocket Sled Rig.
CODE: 1147 Price: $ 25.00 Quantity:
Rolling Weight with 6 Wheels
A heavy duty rolling weight incorporating six 2lb wheels on a strong wire frame with a seaharvester clip and large swivel attached. Ready to clip onto any dropper rig or longline system.
CODE: 1148 Price: $ 65.00 Quantity:
50kg Dropper Rig with Power Chute Kite
An extremely well balanced kite fishing kit ideally suited to strong rip and high surf conditions on the west coast and light wind areas like the Bay of Plenty
CODE: 1162 Price: $ 490.00 Quantity:
Inline Swivel Clips 10 pack
Designed and patented by Paul's Fishing Kites the new Inline Swivel Clip reduces tangles and makes any traces that still manage to get tangled much easier to undo.
CODE: 1165 Price: $ 12.00 Quantity:
Inline Swivel Clips 25 pack
Designed and patented by Paul's Fishing Kites, this unique clip reduces tangled traces because it incorporates a top quality crane swivel directly into the clip.
CODE: 1166 Price: $ 25.00 Quantity:
One 3 Watt Cree LED Light Gigging Set
A Powerful Flounder Gigging Light - 3 Watt Cree LED producing 350 Lumens. More light equals more fish and with these lights you will catch plenty! This light is SEVEN TIMES BRIGHTER than the other LED flounder lights we sell
CODE: 1187 Price: $ 118.00 Quantity:
Two 3 Watt Cree LED Light Gigging Set
The Brightest Flounder Gigging Lights - 6 Watt Cree LED producing 700 Lumens. More light equals more fish and with these lights you will catch plenty! This light is FOURTEEN TIMES BRIGHTER than the other LED flounder lights we sell
CODE: 1188 Price: $ 199.00 Quantity:
Battery Charger 3.7 Volt Li-on
Battery Charger for our top quality ED18650 2500mh 3.7 Volt rechargeable Lithium Ion (Li-on) Batteries Holds and charges one battery at a time. Available for US, Australian or NZ power socket
CODE: 1192 Price: $ 22.50 Quantity:
Spare Gig Light Batteries
Panasonic 18650 Li-on Battery
CODE: 1193 Price: $ 22.50 Quantity:
LED Torch Bracket
A robust rubber bracket with pad and attachment bolt and nut for attaching our 3 Watt Cree Torches to the gigging light handle. Great for attaching the torch to almost any sized pipe or bike handlebars up to 25mm diameter.
CODE: 1194 Price: $ 6.00 Quantity:
Telescopic Gigging Light Handle
Aluminium telescopic handle with a curved end to ensure the gigging light is pointing in the optimum position for spotting fish and gigging flounder whether the fishing light is being used in the underwater or floodlight positions
CODE: 1195 Price: $ 18.00 Quantity:
Flexiwing Rod and Reel Rig
This is the ULTIMATE two in one rig. If the winds are right go kite fishing then you can set up to 10 hooks per set from the East Coast or the West. Or, if you are going deepwater fishing from a boat or plan to head out and do some game fishing use the just rod and reel.
CODE: 1200 Price: $ 799.00 Quantity:
Complete Pocket Sled / Rod and Reel Kit
Complete kite fishing kit with an Okuma Safina 80 reel spooled with 700m of 30lb spectra mounted on a Penn Powerstick 7001 7ft one piece rod. This rig will get you fishing from shore any time, anywhere!
CODE: 1201 Price: $ 399.95 Quantity:
Salted Mullet Fillets Vacuum Packed
Long life scaled and filleted salted top quality mullet, vacuum packed
CODE: 3912 Price: $ 13.50 Quantity:
30 Metre Mullet Net
Mullet are easy to catch in a net and they can be netted passively by setting the net overnight in clear water or during the day in muddy water
CODE: 5035 Price: $ 149.00 Quantity:
40 Metre Mullet Nets
Mullet are found in shallow estuarys, harbours and in the surf zone of exposed beaches
CODE: 5036 Price: $ 179.00 Quantity:
30 Metre Flounder Net
Flounder fishing with nets can be undertaken by wading out from the shore and dragging the net, although deploying the net from a small recreational fishing boat with a clear stern area is much more productive
CODE: 5040 Price: $ 149.00 Quantity:
Nickel Teflon 4/0 Hooks Only 50 Pack
Nickel Teflon Ultimate Recurve Hooks
CODE: 508 Price: $ 20.00 Quantity:
Nickel Teflon 5/0 Hooks Only 50 Pack
Nickel Teflon Ultimate Recurve Hooks
CODE: 509 Price: $ 20.00 Quantity:
Super Kite Fibreglass Wing Spars
A set of two dynamically balanced fibreglass wing spars designed to fit the Super Kite.
CODE: 516 Price: $ 30.00 Quantity:

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