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Standard Pocket Sled Conversion Kit
The Standard Kite Fishing Kit is an ideal beginners kite fishing rig for fishers with a small capacity reel spooled with 8 to 15kg line weight
CODE: 1027 Price: $ 140.00 Quantity:
Premium Pocket Sled Conversion Kit
This kite fishing kit is supplied with expertly tied terminal tackle. All you need to do is tie a clip to your rod line and you are ready to fish.
CODE: 1028 Price: $ 160.00 Quantity:
Premier Pocket Sled Conversion Kit
The Premier Pocket Sled Conversion Kit is ready go kite fishing with your small capacity reel spooled with 8 to 15kg line weights
CODE: 1029 Price: $ 190.00 Quantity:
Flexiwing Conversion Kit
The Standard Flexiwing Fishing Kite Conversion Kit is a ready made kit suitable for large capacity reels spooled with 20 to 30kg line weights
CODE: 1030 Price: $ 190.00 Quantity:
Premier Flexiwing Conversion Kit with Skyhook
The ultimate kite fishing kit for land-based fishing. Ideal for 20 to 30kg line weights. Unbelievable light wind performance!
CODE: 1032 Price: $ 280.00 Quantity:
Longline Kiteline on Hand Spool
Complete pre-tied 65kg nylon kiteline with a large red and green flag and pre-tied bottle loop for 65kg to 100kg kitefishing rigs
CODE: 1034 Price: $ 55.00 Quantity:
15kg Pocket Sled Handspool with Kiteline
Pre-tied 15kg kite and dropper lines ready to fish, perfect for Pocket Sled kite rigs
CODE: 1035 Price: $ 70.00 Quantity:
31kg Flexiwing Handspool with Kiteline
A complete and expertly pre-tied 31kg Flexiwing Handspool with Kiteline for kite fishing from medium game fishing reels.
CODE: 1036 Price: $ 75.00 Quantity:
31kg Flexiwing Handspool
A pre-tied 31kg Flexiwing Handspool ready to attach to your Flexiwing Kite Fishing Rig.
CODE: 1037 Price: $ 69.00 Quantity:
65kg Dropper Rig Handspool
The 65kg dropper handspool is provided as a replacement product for existing 65kg kite fishing dropper rigs and is also ideal as a second dropper.
CODE: 1038 Price: $ 75.00 Quantity:
25 Hook Boat Longline Handspool
A complete pre-tied 75kg Boat Longline on a 10" handspool. Great for fishing from any small boat
CODE: 1039 Price: $ 85.00 Quantity:
Flexiwing Dropper Rig Kite Fishing Kit
An ideal basic small kite fishing dropper rig ready to fish clear sandy beaches. This rig is supplied with everything expertly pre-tied and ready to fish
CODE: 1040 Price: $ 350.00 Quantity:
Premier Flexiwing Dropper Rig With Skyhook
Because this kite fishing kit includes the Flexiwing Skyhook it can be fished in lighter winds and the kites can be tacked further to achieve a fishable angle even when the winds are not straight offshore
CODE: 1042 Price: $ 430.00 Quantity:
65kg Dropper Rig Kite Fishing Kit with Nighthawk Kite
A well balanced, safe and productive large kite fishing kit ideally suited to west coast fishing conditions targeting big fish
CODE: 1044 Price: $ 490.00 Quantity:
Premier 65kg Dropper Rig With Skyhook
Dropper Rigs are by far the most versatile of all the kitefishing kits. This large kite fishing kit will maximise your fishable days on the west coast and is great for any east coast beach
CODE: 1045 Price: $ 590.00 Quantity:
Premier 65kg Two Kite Dropper Rig
This kite fishing rig is supplied with both the Nighthawk Kite and the Super Kite! This rig provides maximum kite fishing power for both the east coast or the west coast
CODE: 1046 Price: $ 690.00 Quantity:
Standard 1100m 100kg Bottom Longline Rig with Nighthawk Kite
This basic starter kite fishing longline rig is a great way of getting into the exciting world of kitefishing
CODE: 1047 Price: $ 559.00 Quantity:
1100m Premium 100kg Bottom Longline Rig with Nighthawk Kite
This rig is supplied with everything you need to go kite fishing with a big fishing kite rig. This longline system incorporates the highly productive running trace system and is very easy to set
CODE: 1048 Price: $ 565.00 Quantity:
1100m Top of the Line 100kg Bottom Longline Rig
New Zealand's most popular Kite Longline Fishing Rig. No assembly required, this extremely productive rig is supplied ready to fish any clear sandy snag-free areas
CODE: 1049 Price: $ 699.00 Quantity:
1110m 100kg Kontiki Longline Rig
If you already have a kayak, surf ski, submarine or fishing kite and need all the fishing bits then this kit has everything you need to get you catching fish from shore
CODE: 1056 Price: $ 420.00 Quantity:
2100m 100kg Kontiki Longline Rig
The business end of beach fishing for those with a kontiki or kayak to tow the rig offshore
CODE: 1058 Price: $ 490.00 Quantity:
25 Hook Boat Longline on 10" Handspool
This popular, compact longline fishing system is ideal for setting from small boats or dinghy's
CODE: 1059 Price: $ 190.00 Quantity:
25 Hook Boat Longline on 3:1 Reel
Catching big fish on a longline is incredibly easy! The PFK 25 hook Boat Longline is a very popular longline system for larger boats fishing for snapper and gurnard
CODE: 1060 Price: $ 260.00 Quantity:
Two x 25 Hook Boat Longline on Reel
The ultimate boat fishing longline rig for those serious about catching a limit bag of good sized fish
CODE: 1061 Price: $ 430.00 Quantity:
TARGET Snapper Hooks On Traces - Nickel Teflon and Seaguard Coatings
Packs of seven and nine TARGET SNAPPER HOOKS on traces. These recurve hooks are very sharp. Ideal for fishing for medium sized fish such as snapper, trevally, john dory, kahawai, tarakihi, gurnard, dogfish and blue cod. Click "more" to select hook size.
CODE: 1062T Price: $ 9.95 Quantity:

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