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Two Hook Pilchard Rigs Two Pack
Two Hook Pilchard Rigs Two Pack

These incredibly efficient fishing hooks are fitted with a stainless steel wire appendage which is snelled to the hook. The wire protrudes backwards behind the shank of the hook.

The appendage on TARGET SNAPPER HOOKS prevents undersized snapper from swallowing the fish hook without adversely affecting your catch rate of bigger fish.


Preventing fish from swallowing the hook is very important because over 98 percent of undersized snapper which have swallowed the fish hook will die and are wasted after being returned to the sea.

Because it takes a snapper up to 8 years to reach the minimum legal size of 27cm the killing of any undersized snapper represents a huge waste of a precious resource.

DID YOU KNOW? - Over 50 percent of Snapper caught on the East Coast of the North Island are under the minimum legal size limit. And - if you use a long line system from a boat - or use a kite or kontiki fitted with the old style Jap long line hooks like Tainawa, then up to 30 percent of those undersized fish will swallow your hook and are killed and wasted.

If you are using the most popular sized J shaped hooks like Beak Pattern, Octopus or O'Shaugnessy then - not only are you wasting lots of small fish through them swallowing the hooks and dying after release - your overall catch rate is far less than it could be.

The graph below shows how many fish you may be wasting and the difference you could make to your catch rate by changing to TARGET SNAPPER HOOKS. The research results shown in the graph below are a direct comparison of all the most popular hook types used in New Zealand. All the hooks in the sea trials were set at the same time, in the same place and with the same bait.

DID YOU KNOW? - Commercial fishers constantly lobby Government and Fisheries Ministers to reduce recreational bag limits and for more harsh constraints on recreational fishing. They are winning their argument because recreational fishers do not appear to accept any responsibility for their effects on inshore fish stocks.

DID YOU KNOW? - Since the Quota Management System was introduced in 1986 to reduce commercial catches and allow depleted snapper stocks to rebuild, recreational fishers have inadvertently killed millions of juvenile snapper through using the wrong hooks and this needless wastage has slowed the rebuilding of these iconic fisheries.

If we do nothing, it is inevitable that millions more will be killed and wasted!



  • Reduce the chances of fish swallowing the hook to less than one percent of your snapper catch
  • Increase your catch of large snapper
  • Reduce your catch of undersized fish!
  • Do your part to conserve precious inshore fish stocks and maintain recreational access to them
  • Leave the fishery in better shape for your kids and grandchildren

Get Less Bust Offs - The snell knot we use is incredibly strong and over 99 percent of your catch will be hooked squarely in the mouth - fish can not chew through the trace.

The shape of the TARGET SNAPPER HOOK allows positive penetration through the toughest parts of a snappers mouth even when used on long lines.

Nickel Teflon coated Target Snapper Hooks are the best shaped snapper hook.

PFK Pilchard Rigs are tied with two Nickel Teflon hooks per rig and two rigs per pack.

Each rig is pre-snelled on a one metre 22kg nylon trace.

Ideal rig when using small to medium sized baits or pilchards.

Big snapper always swallow baitfish head first. For the best results put the head of the bait fish on the bottom hook.

When using cut baits, put bait on each hook.

Paul often uses two long strip baits so they overlap when towed through the water.
Surprisingly, often you will catch a fish on each hook.
This Pack Includes
* Two x 4/0 or 5/0 Target Hook Pilchard Rigs
Please be sure to select the size you need.
Buy Online Two Hook Pilchard Rigs Two Pack
Select Hook Size

* 4/0 Size TARGET Snapper Hooks ensure the best catch rates in most snapper fishing areas.

* 5/0 Size TARGET Snapper Hooks are best for fishing areas where the snapper are bigger.

Hook Size 4/0
Hook Size 5/0

Price:$ 4.95 Quantity:

Catches Taken On Target Snapper Hooks
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