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Kite Fishing Kits and Rigs

If you want to catch fish from the shore then you have certainly come to the right place.

We have tens of thousands of fishermen using our kite systems around the world and they are casting their hooks up to 1000 metres (1100 yards) or more offshore and catching more fish - and having more fun doing it - than they ever thought possible!

Kite fishing is easy, productive and a load of fun for the whole family.

Pauls Fishing rigs, mainlines, kitelines and terminal tackle are expertly tied from the finest materials and are powered by top of the line kites and are ready for you to start catching fish.
Above: A big snapper caught on a Paul's Fishing Kites Dropper Rig at Muriwai Beach

Kite Fishing Rigs

Our range starts with small Three Hook Pocket Sled Dropper Rigs that give anyone with a rod and reel spooled with 8 to 15 kg (10 to 30lbs) line the ability to cast their line out to the limit of their reels line capacity in moderate to fresh offshore winds.

For the more serious fishers who want top performance in light to very strong winds we recommend the Flexiwing Delta 10 Hook Dropper Rigs. These Kites can be tacked 45 degrees off the wind and are great for trolling and casting other lines out as well as their main function of setting up to ten hooks.

No-nonsense fish catching machines - the 20 Hook Dropper Rigs will keep you fishing through extreme conditions. High surf and strong currents are no problem and the kites are protected from loss should the gear snag or be bitten off by sharks. These rigs are powered by the finest delta kites available and can be tacked up to 60 degrees.

If you only fish from clear sandy low energy beaches where snags and strong currents are not an issue then the 25 Hook Kite Longline Rigs are an ideal choice. These highly productive rigs are powered by the finest delta kites available and can be tacked up to 60 degrees off the wind.
Fishing Kites Only

Paul's range of Fishing Kites are renown throughout the world for the massive wind range they can fly in.

Our Delta Super Kites are frequently flown - and retain stability - in winds in excess of 50 knots and have been confirmed flying through gusts up to 85 knots. The phenomiinal stability of these kites in gales is the reason they are often used for Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) in winds too strong for other kites to be trusted with such an expensive payload.

At the other end of the scale the PFK Mega Mouth Kite will provide real fishing pull in as little as four knots of wind. The Mega Mouth is the most powerful light wind fishing kite on the market.

Paul's Fishing kites also make a range of small kites designed to turn any fishing rod into a lethal fishing machine - your casting distance with any of our kites is only limited to the amount of line you have on your fishing reel. Check out the Full range of Fishing Kites

Floundering Lights and Flounder and Mullet Nets

Our underwater flounder lights take the hard work out of floundering. We export many of these lights around the world. Check out the lights to see the huge flounder they are catching with these lights in Florida. The low NZ Dollar makes shipping around the world much cheaper than you would expect. Underwater Flounder Lights and Flounder and Mullet Nets

Boat and Kayak Longlines

Paul spent 20 years commercial longlining and has applied all the hard lessons learnt from that when designing the PFK range of boat longlines.

Every Boat Longline in the PFK range uses the running trace system for maximum efficiency at hooking into the fish. Target Snapper Hooks are used to conserve undersized snapper and their famous in-line trace clip helps prevent tangles in the traces.

The PFK longline gear is also progressively sacrificial, the strongest part is the 100kg breaking strain float lines, the grapples are fitted with 50kg safety traces and the hook section is 75kg pre-stopperd nylon. Any snagging will result in a minimum of gear being lost.

The trace racks are made from hardwood so will not rot or break up under the strain of the traces.

Simply set the line so you can catch fish while you are skiing, diving or crusing, leave it for an hour or so and haul in the catch!

Almost inevitably a PFK longline will catch bigger and better fish than you will catch on a rod and reel. Paul's Fishing Kites Boat Longlines

Hooks, Traces, Flashers and Floating Traces

TARGET SNAPPER HOOKS catch more fish yet kill far fewer undersized fish. Paul's Fishing Kites use these hooks on all their fishing gear. Everything for the business end of fishing. Floating traces, flasher rigs, two hook rigs, spare traces for kite or longline rigs. If it has a hook on it you will find it here. All Traces, Rod Fishing and Longline Hooks and Flashers

Everything to do with the kites. Tacking cords, safety floats, flags, drogues, bridles, spare spars and locators, end caps, kitelines, kite carry cases, sail repair tape, flexiwing bands and the Kite Fishing Video Encyclopedia - a full on kite fishing video tutorial. All in Kite Accessories

If you already have a kayak, surf ski, submarine or fishing kite - and need all the fishing bits - then this kit has everything you need to get you catching fish from shore. Expertly assembled, all joins are professionally crimped for maximum security and maintenance free fishing. Kontiki Stuff

Our mainline nylon is made to our stringent specifications. A hard exterior provides excellent knot strength and abraision resistance. Spare and replacement pre-stoppered hook sections for clipping the traces to on our rigs can also be found here. Top quality nylon for DIY enthusiasts. Mainlines and Pre - stoppered hook sections

Big beach reels and ready made replacement or spare dropper rig handspools for Pocket Sled, Flexiwing and Big Kite Dropper Rigs. Made up with dropline, leader line and hook sections.

Beach Reels Dropper Handspools

Rolling weights ready to clip onto any dropper rig or longline system. Loads of weight without the drag! Two to eight ounce clip on weights for all kite fishing rigs. Keep your gear on the bottom to get the best catch rates Rolling and Clip on Kitefishing Weights

Designed by Paul's Fishing Kites the new Inline Swivel Longline Clip reduce tangles and makes any traces that still manage to get tangled much easier to undo. Kite fishing release clips and Coastlock Clips for all temporary joins that need to stay together in harsh fishing conditions. Fishing Clips

Spectra Braid Fishing Line

Spectra is a great mainline for kite dropper rigs setting up to 20 hooks vast distances offshore. Essential for successful soft bait fishing and great for catching deepwater species. Spectra makes a premium kiteline for KAP - Kite Aerial Photography
Check out our sharp prices on Spectra Braid Fishing Line

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