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This website like horticultural Consultancy is in the business of providing information and advice needed by clients, and although the information and advice offered is the best available, the supplier has no control over the use made of that information or advice.

Commercial horticulture is still a judicious blend of horticultural science and the art of horticulture and involves forming judgments and opinions as to the outcome of many actions affecting the out-turn of any crop.

Horticultural production, even in greenhouses, is still subject the usual risks of unforeseen weather and other natural phenomena and strongly subject to risks of unpredictable market conditions.

The intention of the website it to provide factual information, advice and opinion based on the best information available but the action taken is solely the client's responsibility, and information is supplied only for the purpose of assisting him to make decisions.

Therefore, no liability can be accepted for the consequences of the use or misuse of information or advice supplied.

There are no express or implied warranties whatsoever relating to either the accuracy or completeness of this information. The information may be copied and reused provided it is accurately reproduced and the source is credited.

Persons using this information waive any and all claims against the website owners relating to this information and agree to indemnify the information providers against any and all claims resulting from or arising out of any use to which this information may be put.

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