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Please use the following secure booking page to book your AWOL Adventures Trip

(This credit card will only be charged if payment is not made by other means on the day of the trip or if any cancellation charges are applicable)

Payment on the day can be made by Cash/Visa/MasterCard or NZ cheque.

If you have any problems submitting this form (email conflict, etc) please contact us, Phone: (+64 9) 834 0501 or 0800 462 965, Email:


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Please let us know if any member of your group cannot swim or has any other factors that may affect the trip (size, medication, age, limited English etc) - This information is to help us plan the trip e.g. supply lifejackets, carry medication, etc.

Please also let us know if your booking name is different from the name on the credit card and a contact phone number (if you have one) or hotel name.



If you have any problems or questions please contact us, Phone: (+64 9) 834 0501 or 0800 462 965, Email: